Questions and Answers (Q&As)

Know everything about our Reseller program
  • What is TrustP?
    Trustp is one of the largest Registrars in the world that offers a suite of private labeled programs, along with readymade & customizable storefront to help web professionals and entrepreneurs kickstart their Domain Reselling and Hosting Reselling business.
    We offer a wide range of product offerings that include domains, shared hosting, dedicated servers, email hosting to website builder tools like Weebly, etc.
    Our reseller program is private- labelled program which is designed to help resellers extend their reach and build their own brand with their own customers. Your customers are your own, no one can access your customer base, not even
  • What is the TrustP’s Initial Deposit system?
  • Is this Initial Deposit usable? Is it time bound?
  • Is there any Activation or Sign-up Fee or Are there any hidden costs associated with becoming your Reseller?
  • What are Total Receipts?
  • Do I need to maintain a separate Total Receipts amount for each Product?
  • Can I refill my advance account, once it gets exhaust?
  • Will my customer be able to place an order even if there are not any funds in my account.?
  • How much time it will take to activate my account after I pay minimum advance deposit using PayPal?
  • What are the free add-ons that I will get when I register a domain name with TrustP?
  • Free Email Account
  • DNS Management
  • Free Mail Forwards
  • Easy to use Bulk Domain Tools
  • Domain Forwarding
  • Domain Theft Protection
  • Easy to use Control Panel