Automated Control Panel

Our Control Panel is a Powerful, User-friendly and Custom-built interface that lets you manage your domains, services, customers & automate every aspect of your business with a single panel of glass. Take a test drive

Control Panel Branding

Brand the URLs of your Control Panels
Add your Logo to the header
Customize your header dimensions
Customize the HTML in specific sections
Set your own Language Settings

Other Branding Options

Brand and set your Nameservers
Customize Emails
Customize Invoices & Debit Notes
Customize Receipts & Credit Notes
Add your own contact information
Customize WHOIS results
Modify and display Legal Agreements

Manage Your Products

Signup for any Product
Automate new Product signups
Stop selling any Product

Set Automated Discounts

Set Slabs for Resellers
Set Telescopic Prices for Customers
Set & manage Slabs/Prices for each Product

Set Your Prices

Set Prices for every billable activity of every Product
Set Specific prices for preferred Customers
Set Promotional Prices for selected products

Create Users

Create Sales, Support and Billing users
Set permissions for each type of user
Give yourself complete access

Set Payment Collection Settings

Set payment reminder triggers
Set number of days in which unpaid orders should be cancelled
Manage timelines to Suspend or Delete orders

Integrate Payment Gateways

9 pre-integrated Payment Gateways available
Custom Integration module to integrate any Payment Gateway
Generate Risk Assessment reports

Customize General Settings

Set your Selling & Accounting Currency
Set minimum Transaction amounts
Create your Funds Threshold Level

Set Tax Rules

Set country-wide Tax rules
Manage client exceptions to tax rules
Customize the tax Message

Your Own Billing

Search and List all Transactions
List Pending Invoices & Debit Notes
Identify Locked Funds
Add Funds to your Account
Request a Refund

List, Search & Add

List and Search Clients
Use several parameters for each search
Add new Clients with complete information

Billing Customers

Search and List all Transactions
List Pending Invoices & Debit Notes
Check their Locked Funds
Add Funds to any Customer's Account
Check Pending Refunds

Sending Mails

Use the Send Mail function for mass mailing
Set Control Panel Announcements
Set preferences for Automated Mails sent to Customers

Complete Product Management

Buy any product directly
Manage every function of every Product
List and Search every Order
Search for Renewal specific data for every product

Domain Management

Register and Transfer Domains
Manage Renewals
Modify or Suspend/Unsuspend
Enable Theft Protection
Register Child Nameservers
Change Nameservers
Perform and List Bulk Actions
Activate FREE Email & DNS
Enable Privacy Protection

Hosting Management

Buy Linux & Windows Hosting
Access cPanel for Linux Management
Access Plesk for Windows Management
Renew your Orders
Move Packages across Accounts
Lock/Unlock or Suspend/Unsuspend

Reports & Other Tools

Sales Reports
Forex Reports
Receipt Reports
Payment Gateway Reports
Balance Reports
Tax Report