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Give More Options to Your Customers – New gTLDs and Higher Profit Margins

New gTLDs- An Introduction

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the governing body of the internet, has recently launched more than hundreds of new gTLDs in the market and the option of buying/selling of these gTLDs can multiply the profit margin of the registrants, the resellers, the advertising agencies and the trademark owners . Annalisa Roger, CEO of DotGreen Community says,
Registrants who look beyond defensive registrations can redefine themselves in parallel strategies by aligning their brand with new gTLDs. With skilled marketing expertise, research and multiple options, it is possible to leap ahead of the competition in reaching a larger customer base. New gTLDs are well suited to speak to your audience, further define your business in a secure online environment, and grow your market share.There are huge number of new gTLDs available to get registered (see the image). Therefore, you can easily get your customer to choose a relevant domain name specific to his business or industry.

You have multiple categories to choose from while registering a gTLD.

1) How To Make More Money By Selling New gTLDs?

The existing market of gTLDs has been totally crashed i.e. buying gTLDs from wholesaler would be more profitable to you instead of buying it from a retailer. This makes a huge difference when you buy domain names in bulk. TrustP, an ICANN accredited registrar offers new gTLDs at cheapest prices. As there is no war between us:)

Additionally, wholesalers also provide few extra advantages to the resellers just like toppings on your favorite pancake. Like, we offer WordPress Theme from ThemeChilly’s Portfolio absolutely free to all the TrustP customers with which they can have their own selling portal:)

2) How To Sell New gTLDs To The Customers?

Here are few helpful tips listed to sell new gTLDs to your end customers. You (resellers) can give them various reasons to buy new gTLDs. Read on to know how:

• Search Engine Optimization(SEO) benefits

It’s the SEO that decides if you are a winner or a loser!

These new gTLDs are SEO friendly and so they help to increase your website’s google ranking as they add keywords to domain name string. Hence, they help your business effectively.

• Yes! Choices are available for you

Obviously, domain name sounds a little weird instead of, or Earlier you have limited choices for your desired domain name as most of the domain already get booked. Thus, you have to compromise with your desired domain. But now you have a wide-range of new gTLDs. Hence, you can choose an easy and unique domain name for your dream website.

• Increase the brand-value of your business

New gTLDs are powerful marketing tools as the new gtlds,, .host, .restaurant, etc. directly represent the products and services offered by a company. A meaningful and right domain name increases the brand- value of a company and it is also easier to remember them.

Important thing to note here is that the new generation connects with the brands easily. Hence, you can target them and get a huge market to make profit.

• Make your business website safer and secure

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) implemented a few protection mechanisms on these new gTLDs to make them secure and stable. These protection mechanisms are given below:

1) Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC):

It is a protection mechanism which is implemented on new gTLDs to reduce the risks of phishing and frauds.

2) Trade Mark Clearance House (TMCH):

It is a protection mechanism which limits the Cybersquatting of well-known brands, a method of registering famous brand names or company’s domain names unrightfully for selling them to their owner at exorbitant rates.

Hence, new gTLDs have opened up new online space with higher profit margins for resellers. If you have any query about these newly launched gTLDs, just feel free to share with me through comments:)


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